How far in advance should I book my session?

    4-8 weeks is preferable to allow time to for your albums to be designed, ordered, and arrive in time for your big reveal.

    Are hair and makeup included?

    At our events, YES! If you choose to book a personal session with us apart from an event, you can typically add it for $100. We highly recommend adding hair and makeup to your session as part of your mellBella experience. It’s a great way to build confidence and relax before your photo shoot.

    I don‘t know how to make a sexy face. I won’t know how to pose. Can you help?

    With every mellBella session, we include a photographer, style consultant, and expert model poser. We guide you through every step of the way and show you how to pose. We like to get a variety of expressions throughout your session because laughing is sexy, smiling is sexy, subtle is sexy, smolder is sexy, etc.

    How much time should I plan on for my session?

    For a boudoir session, you typically want to plan 2.5-3 hours. For a pinup up session, you typically want to plan for 3-3.5 hours. And finally, for a feminine session, all day long. These times include the 1-1.5 hours for your hair and makeup pampering.

    How much money should I plan on investing?

    Our sessions vary in pricing between $100-$400. Feminine sessions are quoted on an individual basis. If you book a session at one of our events, we offer a discounted price. Also, our products range in price from $300-$3,000.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes. We can spread the payments  out over 12 months if that’s helpful for you.  No interest, no fees of course.  Just put a card on file and we’ll set up automatic payments for you.

    Can I bring a friend?

    Yes, It’s always great to have your best gal friend there to support you. If you both book a session for the same day, you each get $30 in product credit to spend. Typically, it’s best for your friend to hang out in the salon while you get hair and makeup done, and then you rock out your photo shoot while she waits in another room.

    What about a session with a my bridesmaids?

    Yes, just contact us. We’re happy to set up a special event day for you and your ladies. Just book three bridesmaids for the day, and the bride’s session fee is FREE.

    May I come by your studio in person prior to my session?

    Yes of course. Just give us a call to set up a time to visit and check out our studio and our lingerie and costume closets.

    Do you provide outfits?

    We have some lovely accessories, jewelry, shoes, corsets, and some lingerie to add to your looks. But it’s always best for you to bring a few options because you know what fits you best.

    Who will see my photos?

    We value privacy. We ask all our clients to fill out a model release to tell us exactly how to handle your photos. The photographers will take and edit your photos. The photo lab(s) will print your products, and the office assistant prepare your order for pick up. If you do a pinup session, our graphic artist will see a selection of the photos to add the amazing backgrounds to your photos. No one will see or use your photos without your written permission.

    Is your studio private?

    Yes. We are in the Daniel Island Marina, and we only go outside if you want to.

    Who will be my photographer?

    Your photographer will be female. She will be Mell Bell or Wanda or even both.

    Should I get a spray tan?

    Only if you want to or want to even out some well defined tan lines. Please do your spray tan at least 4 days before your photo shoot. You don’t want to be orange for your photo shoot. Ask us for recommendations.

    Is there a place to change?

    Yes! We have an amazing boudoir room that you will get use during your session. Think French Doors, chandelier, antique French armoire, antique dressing table, and other little details that you’ll just have to check out in person.

    What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

    Please come withOUT makeup on, skin moisturized, and your hair clean and dry. There will not be time to blow dry your hair.  Don’t forget to shave and paint your toes.

    What should I bring?

    Your robe, 2-4 outfit(s), your sexiest heels, some key jewelry pieces, your happy thought (something that makes you smile when you think about it), and a great attitude. It’s time for some pampering for Y-O-U!

    Do you photograph couples?

    As a general rule, we do not photograph couples.

    Do I have to or can I get naked?

    You never do anything that you don’t want to do. We do tasteful nude photos, photos that look like your nude, barely clothed photos, and fully clothes photos. To put it bluntly, we always make sure that “Victoria” stays a secret.

    How many photos do I get to choose from?

    Plan on at least 50 photos per hour of photo session.

    Do you have different sets?

    Yes, we have at least 15 sets. Some of the fabulousness includes our Moulin Rouge swing, our Gold Glitter wall, our boudoir room, brick wall, etc.

    When can I see my photos and place my order?

    You will get to see your photos within 1-2 weeks after your shoot. During your viewing session, you can place your order.

    Do you edit or Photoshop my photos?

    Scars, acne,  bruises, stretch marks,  cellulite? We do everything we can to light and pose you well in camera. We do a very specific color or B/W calibration on all our photos, and we do some skin softening in Photoshop. We want you to look and feel beautiful as you are rather than trying to make you look like someone else.

    Do you travel if I wanted to do a shoot some where besides your studio?

    Yes. There will be a travel fee in addition to the session fee. Just contact us for a quote or check our blog for announcements of where we’ll be next.

    Do you photograph couples?

    No, we do not photograph couples.

    Do you do maternity boudoir?

    No, we do not do maternity sessions through mellBella. Our brother company Richard Bell Photography (link to maternity) does lovely maternity sessions.Their style for maternity tends to be very natural, and they don’t cross maternity over into boudoir. Meaning… theo maternity photos are not of women in their underwear or lingerie. Of course, they have done and am comfortable with photography classic nude or partial nude maternity photos as well.