• mellbella boudoir booty in red bodysuit
How far in advance should I book my session?
6-8 weeks is preferable to allow time for your albums to be designed and ordered, wall portraits and other photo products ordered, and arrive in time for your big reveal or gift. If you are on a tighter schedule, we do have some options available. Please contact us for more details.

What should I bring or wear to my session?
Bring your robe, 2-4 outfits, your fav shoes and jewelry, and a great attitude. Be sure to check out our What To Wear section on our blog for ideas and where to shop. You can also borrow or purchase something from our mellBella Closet at your session.

Do you provide outfits?
You should bring some options that fit you, but we do have a few items in our mellBella Closet available to borrow or purchase. We have lots of sexy shoes, jewelry, corsets, tutus, and some lingerie or pinup clothing to add to your looks.

Do you photograph couples?
No, we don’t photograph couples because we want each person to focus on themselves and their relationship to their bodies. We feel it’s important for each person to not think or worry about anyone else during the photography session.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes. Because of the personal nature of the photo session, no one is allowed with you in the photography sets. Your friend is welcome to join you while you get your hair & makeup done, help you with your outfits, and when you have your photo reveal appointment. We have a lovely dressing room or waiting area for them to hang out in while you do your photo shoot.

How many photos do I get to chose from?
~30 photos per hour of photo session time, so 60+ photos from a standard boudoir session. You will have so many to see and love!

When will I get to see my finished photos?
You will get to view the images and make your photo purchases at your photo reveal appointment typically within 2 weeks after your photo shoot. Pinup and Styled Sessions may need additional time. Reveal appointments take place at our studio, but we do have virtual options as well.

Who will see my photos?
Our professional photographer and graphic artist will take and edit the images. Our professional photo lab(s) will print your products, and our office assistant will prepare your order for pickup. No one will see or use the images of you without your written permission on our model release. We ask ALL clients to fill one out to tell us exactly how to handle your photos. We value privacy, but we love being able to SHARE our work.

How much money should I plan on investing?
Our session fee is typically $400 and includes professional hair and makeup styling. Styled sessions are quoted on a individual basis. The session fee does NOT include any prints, albums, wall portraits, files, or products. Our prints, albums, products, and files range in price from $400-$3000. What a client ends up investing depends on many things including how many images you want, what type of album you want, if you want wall art or digital files. Most clients spend ~$1500-$2000, and of course, some spend more or less than that. Every client is different. To help with the investment, we take credit cards. We also offer an in house no interest payment plan.

Who do you photograph?
We welcome ALL people regardless of gender, and we focus on one person at a time.  While I do see the need and the beauty of couple’s boudoir session, I do NOT offer couple’s boudoir photography sessions. I want each person to focus on themselves and their relationship to their bodies during a boudoir shoot.  But if you wanted to set up a boudoir shoot for just one of you or each of member of your relationship separately, I’m happy to chat.  Our clients are asked to do a consultation appointment with us before booking their photography session. This appointment can be done on the phone or in person at our studio.