• PinUp
    Retro | Vintage | Flirty

What to Expect:

Once you decide you want to do a Pinup session with mellBella, we want to know what you are going for. Is it a look from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, maybe Rockabilly or a true World War II PinUp Girl?  We will talk with you about the look, outfits and props that will be your unique PinUp shoot. A Pinup has to have her hair and makeup just right, so we plan on these shoots taking 3 – 4 hours. Our mellBella Pinup products include some rad and hip gifts like, a Viewmaster, a Deck of Playing cards and other neat items. We will walk you through every step of the process to get that nifty gift ordered! Most products take 3 – 5 weeks to come in.

The Experience

Since Pinup is really a throw back to a different, simpler, yet classy time, we want you to feel transported to that time. Getting that authentic look, is what makes all the difference. Everything about the shoot, is fun, flirty and upbeat! We are talking Coca-Cola, bubble gum and milkshakes. Going on a trip. Over-the-top expressions, too!

The Philosophy

Pinup has to be done just right. You can’t fake it. We spent a lot of time acquiring our props and refining the look our Pinup photography should have. From the old telephone to the purses and suitcases, it should look and feel like the time period. We believe in cute, a bit sexy, yet Grandma friendly Pinup photos.

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