Why Book A Boudoir Session- To Remember

A client once shared with me right before her boudoir session that she wanted to REMEMBER who she was. She shared some difficult things she had been dealing with and what she had forgotten. The day-to-day can weigh on us which makes it so hard to remember but so easy to forget.

We forget …

  • We are HUMAN and have needs.
  • Rest is vital, and we deserve REST.
  • That we need some TIME to put back into ourselves.
  • Aging is NORMAL.
  • That we CAN’T do it all.
  • Our bodies are supposed to CHANGE.
  • The things you LOVED to do as a child.
  • LAUGHTER and PLAY are still important.
  • That our WORTH is inherent.
  • That we are WORTHY of documentation.

Work, kids, health, school, a partner, etc. are just some of the things that can consume ALL our time and energy. Sometimes we’re so busy just trying to make it through the day, the hour, the moment. We barely have time to eat and sleep before the cycle repeats. We’re exhausted and busy. Our to-do lists never end.

So, WHY book a photo session with mellBella?
To Remember who YOU are and NOT forget.