Look for us on Channel 4 on Thursday, January 21st at 10am.

It’s Wedding Week on Lowcountry Live! We’ll be there talking about boudoir photography, who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Brides, boudoir photography is truly the Best. Groom’s. Gift. Ever!

Here’s three great reasons to watch:

  1. We’ll be sharing a mellBella SPECIAL  for those come to our booth at the Charleston Bridal Show this Sunday at the Gaillard.
  2. We’ll be announcing the dates for our next boudoir marathon event… Spring Break mellBella Style 2016.
  3. We’ll be featuring some of our new boudoir photos and sharing some of our gorgeous albums.

But boudoir photography isn’t just for brides. Watch to find out more this Thursday, January 21 at 10am on Channel 4.