Rockabillaque 2015 Recap: Night Fashion Show

Rockabillaque 2015 was nonstop action from day and well into the night. At 10pm at the Sparrow in Park Circle, we hosted a Pinup Fashion Show. The theme was: “What’s Your Pinup Personality?” And guess who our fabulous models were? None other but the fabulous skaters from The Lowcountry Highrollers. These Roller Derby Divas were styled in outfits from our very own mellBella Closet. We also had Miss Rockabillaque 2015 Sara Beth as the All-American Sailor model. Sarah Pearson Hair & Makeup Artistry was on hand to keep things running smoothly, provide touch ups as needed, and she even did some of the models hair and makeup in addition to ours. To see a more of the fun all day at Rockabillaque, check out the slideshow below.

rockabillaque polka dot pinuprockabillaque nurse pinuprockabillaque sandra dee

Day to Night with mellBella at Rockabillaque 2015