2024 and the Inbetween

Each year, I chose words for my intentions for the studio because I don’t do resolutions. Last year was Work In Progress.

2024 is ACE which stands for Authentic Creative Experimental.

Recently, I visited the Caw Caw Interpretive Center and was inspired by this part of the swamp with the naked Cypress trees and little pops of green. What struck me was this is the time inbetween seasons. What’s your favorite season? Usually I’d say Fall or Autumn. However this year, it’s the time Inbetween Winter and Spring.

Much of our lives we are between things: circumstances, jobs, people, places, etc. We vary between ages and sizes. We deeply desire to be understood, cared for, and not feel alone. We forget our inherent worth. To you, I dedicate my poem, The Inbetween.

Winter can be cold and the trees bare branches are exposed.
But they can’t hide their scars nor the animals that live there.
They’ve blossomed and grew earlier in the year, but now it’s time to rest.

Nights are long, and the days are short in Winter.
Nature is slow with purpose and promise.
Animals hibernate and rest.

There’s hints of Spring with small patches of green,
But the air of Winter lingers through the bare branches.
Hope of Spring is not forgotten as the Inbetween
Shows BOTH Winter and Spring are worthy.

The Inbetween but Not Yet is impatient, frustrated.
The Inbetween sees beauty in Winter and Spring,
But cannot see its own.
It feels lonely, unproductive, and useless.

The Inbetween is focused on what it’s NOT.
It’s NOT Winter when Nature rests.
It’s NOT Spring when Nature wakes and blooms.
It’s NOT Summer when everything grows.
It’s NOT Fall when the Harvest comes in. But…

The Inbetween is Change, and change is hard.
The Inbetween transforms the tadpole to the frog.
The Inbetween coaches the caterpillar to a butterfly.

The Inbetween is Hope that has to watch and wait…
To wake Winter
To whisper to Spring
To warm Summer
To wander to Fall
To weave the moments between.

The Inbetween is Authentic. It cannot be otherwise.
The Inbetween is Creative. It must imagine and inspire.
The Inbetween is Experimental. It observes, questions, tries, adapts,
And at times, makes mistakes. But the Inbetween is NOT a mistake.

The Inbetween is Who we were, Who we are, and Who we will be.
Seasons of life have their specific time then end.
But the Inbetween carries them all in a steady embrace.
Equally important and worthy… Always.

The Inbetween written by Mell E F Bell February 16, 2024