What to Expect:

Once you decide you want to do a mellBella Boudoir session, you may feel a bit nervous. That’s okay. You may feel excited and nervous. That’s okay, too. We walk you through every step of the process. From step 1 of booking your appointment, to creating your photos and order, we make it easy. We send you a few emails prior to your session that give helpful tips with what to wear, how long it will take, etc. Your shoot should last 1 – 2 hours depending on the shoot you book. The after your shoot, we show you the photos and help you order a very special gift that your man will never forget! Products normally take 3 – 5 weeks to come in.

The Experience

Doing a mellBella Boudoir shoot is truly an experience, an empowering yet vulnerable experience. You will be surprised how much you get out of it. While creating a gift is one of the many reasons to do a shoot, the confidence and pampering is for Y-O-U! We have put lots of thought into how we want you to feel about your shoot.

When you walk into our Salon for hair and makeup, we want you to feel relaxed, while drinking a Mimosa, a glass of wine or whatever your beverage of choice. Our hair and makeup artists will help you pick the best colors and style for you. Going for a natural girl next door look, a vixen or a glam’d up version of you, no problem! 

We want you to feel like Queen for a day as you enter our Boudoir. It’s all yours. Your personal, private dressing room. Look through the clothing options we have, borrow whatever you like, think of it an your own sexy closet! Spread out your outfit options. We will look through them with you, to choose the best options for your shoot.

Once you are are dressed, we have a little chat on the bed. We WANT to know what you are nervous about, why you decided to do this, if you have any concerns. We’ll ask you to create a “Happy Thought”. It’s the thought you refer to in your head, when you freeze up and you get nervous.

As we begin your shoot, we walk you through every pose. You don’t have to worry about what to do or how to make a “sexy” look.  We show you a few of your photos along the way, so you know what we are seeing and how you are doing. No, we don’t have magic photoshop cameras, those photos on the back of the camera are really Y-O-U.

After your shoot, we want you to leave feeling like you gained something back, a glimmer in your eye, that you have seen a little bit of the beauty your man sees when he looks at you.

The Philosophy

Since we are both women, wives, mothers, sisters, best friends, photographers, coworkers… we get it. We have a lot of roles, we wear a lot of “hats”. The world and media try to dictate what beauty is. Sexy is a commodity that is sold. We are told every day, how we are not perfect or good enough, everywhere we look. We want to give that back to you! The thought that, you are beautiful. You. ARE. Beautiful! Now, right now. 10 years from now. 20 years from now. You are more than the outside package, it’s everything about you that makes your beauty evident. Your little laugh, the nose crinkle, the way you twirl your hair, whatever it is that makes you, Y-O-U! It is our desire to capture that. We want you to have evidence so on those bad days, you have a book to look at and say “That’s me” and feel great about it. That’s why our mellBella motto is Beauty at every age and every stage of life.

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