Where Will They Be Next?

boudoir rhinestone and lace boudoir in black and white by mellBella

Spring Break mellBella Style 2017 Boudoir Marathon

We’re starting to get Spring Fever here at mellBella, so it’s time to announce our Spring Boudoir Marathon Event. One day couldn’t handle all the fun, and we choose two dates to keep the party going.  It’s the Best. Gift. Ever! Not just for him but also for Y-O-U! You’ll wonder why you didn’t do […]

Additional Events

mellbella bridal boudoir red lips and veil
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Wedding Week on Lowcountry Live 2017

Look for us on Channel 4 on Tuesday, February 21st at 10am. Next…
mellbella charleston boudoir couch in black and white

Bellissima 2017- Boudoir Marathon

Happy New Year! Start it off with finally going for it. Our first…
need new clothing donations for people against rape
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Giving Back- People Against Rape

Tis the season for giving... People Against Rape is always seeking…